What do you want to know?

It’s spring.


There is something about warming temperatures, green tree buds and just a little more sunlight that makes you want to run out and put something alive in the ground, and watch it live and grow for the next 6 months.

I am pretty sure that this happens to everyone. Spring fever is real people.

And I’ve been doing it long enough that it is just second nature. There are always little ‘firsts’ to be had: trimming the berries, planting potatoes, raising ducks. But the basic formula for success has wound its way into my bones.

And you know what? It can work itself into your bones too.

So, ask me questions! What do you want to know?
You can tell me who you are, or not, but ask me something and I’ll write about it!


Book Report: Gardening Wisdom & Know-How

This book is a encyclopedia of garden knowledge, presented on tabloid paper with simple print and drawings. I love the feel of the plain paper under my fingers. It is a beautiful representation and (more easily) accessible resource for much of the garden know-how I have rattling around in my mind (as well as a lot more rattling around on the internet.) I’ll admit I picked it up almost entirely because of the presentation. I’m still happy with the purchase though, and I need to remember to reference it more often.

So, studiously I flipped through the pages to see what gems I could glean from it for my homestead dreams. This time around, the parts that really caught my eye were about soil preparation, composts and mulches; and about gardening for birds and wildlife. I slipped away into a little dreamland as I thought about how I would definitely be building up some natural habitats for my little bird friends and just what I would buy to make those happen. Trust me, I’ll write all about it sometime.

Simply put, the book is a wealth of information. If you were going to start out on your own first-time garden project, I would highly recommend this book. Soil preparation, flower gardening, vegetable gardening, sustainable practices—it has it all. And it’s all presented as-is, without any gimmicks or hipster-come-country vibe. The only person this book wouldn’t work for, is for the person who needs colorful, glossy, photos to inspire them and pre-made plans. So if that’s you, I bet I can recommend something different—but if it’s me, or someone like me, I enjoy this lady.

Where’s Lavar Burton when you need him?