Mini’Stead Check: The Flock

Despite common sense, I am increasing my flock this year.
2012 was full of death. So.many.dead.birds.


So this year I ordered ducks and bantys, and the boy bought a gun.
(An air-rifle.)

The shed now houses 5 ducklings (magpie, buff), 3 turkeys, and 15 baby chicks.

And yes, that is a lot of birds. But they won’t all stick around—12 of them are straight-run banty chickens and I am predicting at least 50% are male. So I am expecting that we’ll kill at least 6 of them—leaving us with 9 new chickens. I can’t wait to see what the banty’s turn out to be! (Oh turkeys will also be dinner.)

Here’s one cute little girl:



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