Ticks are disgusting.

I saw my first one two years ago. On the dog. Truly disgusting.
They are like tiny dinosaurs. And yet, insects. And yet, totally disgusting.

But hey, I guess Guinea Fowl are good against them!

[Guinea fowl] will gobble up the blood sucking, disease ridden pests, along with lots of other insects in your yard. Those who raise guineas for their pest control abilities believe five to eight birds per acre should keep the tick population in check. Just let them free-range and they’ll do all the work.

The post continues that they won’t scratch like chickens, and thus can free-range in your garden without destroying your plants. That I will believe when I see it. I really haven’t seen a bird that hasn’t done damage yet.

Helmeted Guinea Fowl

But wouldn’t some of these ladies be fun to have around? Farm-turned-safari!



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