The garden

At home, I fence my chickens. On my imaginary farm, I fence my garden.

A big. Tall. Fence.
To keep deer out. Not to mention: chickens, ducks, goats, pigs. dogs. cats.

The bottom 2 feet would be corrugated metal—or perhaps wooden slats, to keep out rabbits and small critters. The metal would also reflect light and heat, which would be helpful in the early spring—but it could be a little intense in the summer (although good for peppers…)

The rest of the fence would be cattle panels. Large 4-gauge wire panels. Something a little like this. (Thanks random dude!) Additional panels could be put to use in the garden as trellises for beans, melons, cucumbers, tomatoes.

Each long side would have a gate, and the shorter sides of the border would be removable panels, so that in the spring I would be able to till and compost with a tractor. It would be large enough to allow me to have a spring/fall garden, a summer garden and a fallow patch each season—allowing for true crop rotation and green mulching.

>>>Green mulching: Planting a cover crop such as buckwheat, clover, or alfalfa that you allow to grow and then till it in. good cover crops increase the available nitrogen in the soil and also prevent weeds from taking over while you’re waiting to plant.

There is every chance I would deck out my garden with silly garlands cut from old sheets. I love the look of bits of color playing in the wind. Like this, but strung across a vibrant and booming garden of green:


stay tuned, up next: the greenhouse, and a book about them.


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