Some of my favorites (Herbs)

There are so.many.herbs. out there.
So many that I haven’t discovered.

Beyond the traditional sage, thyme, rosemary, parsley* my favorites include:
*Does anyone else’s brain hurt?

Basil. Globe Basil, for its’ tiny leaves that make it easy to chop-chop-chop without worrying much about the stems. Thai, for that anise-clove flavor—perfect for my Thai Strawberry Jam. And Lettuce Leaf. I’m over genovese. I love these big ruffled lettuce-like basil leaves.

Borage.  I love borage. The flowers and leaves are edible. And the bees go crazy for it. I planted it once, it’s re-seeded itself ever since. It’s great for the compost pile too—it breaks down quickly and is great for getting a pile ‘going’.

Chamomile.  I’ve had the best luck with Chamomile. I let it grow among my grass. Use your fingers like a rake and pluck the flowers for fresh chamomile sun tea, or dried. The plants are considered a tonic to others around them. Also great for your compost pile.

Lemon Verbena. I am absolutely cuckoo for lemon verbena. Lemony, herbal, floral scent and flavor. It inspires the thought, “delicate.”

Lovage. Leafy herb with a celery like flavor.

Summer Savory. A unique, savory flavor. I’ve always been partial to it.

Herbs I’d love to get to know/grow better: Shiso. Epazote. Sorrel and Dock. Hyssop. Fenugreek. Lemongrass. Burdock. Medicinal Herbs.


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