This year we got some turkeys.
This was not my idea. But we have the space, so why not?

IMG_0438This is Jive. He’s the only one I’ve named. We are still going to eat him.

So far, I like turkeys. They do very turkey-like things—They don’t seem to be bothered by the cliche of the stereotypical turkey-pose, or going gobble-gobble.

They haven’t been as especially stupid as I have always been told. They are relatively fearless, which is clearly not entirely smart but in a small backyard setting, it hasn’t led to too much (or any) trouble or misfortune so far. They are however, voracious eaters and make it well known when there is nothing to eat (usually through violence—they aren’t terribly noisy).

On my farm, we’d have heritage breeds. Look at all these beautiful birds!
And I promised to keep a small flock as pets, for a friend.