Totally Shameless Daydream No. 2

The farm I have in my mind, the real one, is just about sold. A shame, but really, it’s not like it was going to happen that easily. It doesn’t mean I won’t stop scheming, collecting ideas. It means I can let my mind wander, even more.

New Daydream: Indoor citrus garden.

Somewhere in this dream farm-house, I’d like a sunroom large enough for 4 people to have breakfast in comfortably. And in that sunroom, I’d have a small grove of citrus trees and other plants—such as ginger or orchids. I’d grow bergamot, kumquat, limes, meyer lemons and blood orange. Don’t think you can get much fancier than that.

Maybe I’d keep a little family of finches too.

I’d keep the room on the humid side and warm in the winter (perfect for the plants, and for cold winter bones) and in the summer I could open the windows or doors to let fresh air, sunshine, warmth and all that goodness in.



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