Now I remember…

I couldn’t sleep this morning.
Minor stresses that needed to be faced today made 5 am my hour.

By 630 I was simply restless.
I decided to do some driving.

In my wanderings this morning, I drove past my little dream-stead.
It’s still for sale.

And so today I looked through the photos again. Looked at the Google map. Yep, that’s where the pigs would live. Yep, if I had the money I really would put a big commercial kitchen in. And the garden would go there. And the willow shrubs would make a privacy hedge there. And we could raise a few sheep.

Honestly, it would take a winning lottery ticket or a mysterious windfall to make any of these things happen. And I’m happy with the little existence I am carving out day to day. But it’s hard not to daydream…