A. Portlandia is annoying.

B. Who knew wanting to DIY – would become such a point of contention?

I’ll admit – The Omnivore’s Dilemma is what sparked my initial interest in the grow-your-own, #eatyouryard, locavore concept.  (In Portland no less.)

But I’ll also admit, that over the years I’ve realized: I’m never going to knit, and I’m not going to personally cut my chickens’ throats. Sometimes its homegrown french onion soup, sometimes its frozen pot-pie dinners.

I have a collection of articles that I am trying to pull together a response to, about ‘nouveau domesticity’ and how it reflects on feminism.

“Pinterest has its own DIY and crafts section, which has hundreds of other ways to repurpose Mason jars. (I did not know what a Mason jar was until my educated, Millennial peers started making them into candle holders.) This Mason jar plague isn’t just distracting women from potentially more important endeavors, it’s demeaning the very idea of expertise.” Pintrest, Stop Telling Me How to Repurpose Mason Jars

What? Can’t I just enjoy myself?

My articles are all printed out, so this weekend in between making jam and setting-up my sewing machine, I’ll give an intelligent response the old college try.