My Mornings

My mornings have turned into a nice little routine.

This morning I woke up, showered, and went outside. As soon as I step outside the once-quiet flocks of birds immediately start clucking and quacking and whistling (the goslings are to honking yet). It’s an absolute commotion.

I pull each bucket of soaking grains out of the water and set them aside to drain.

While they drain go over to the garden bed and look for something to weed. Today, I harvested a few strawberries and chamomile flowers, and then pulled the chamomile plants, along with the weeds and volunteer carrots (that were all greens). I get a nice little bundle of weeds and toss them to the dinner-ducks, who go nuts. I go back to weeding, get another little bundle, and divvy it up among the rabbits, while checking on their water and topping them off with grains.

One last bundle for the chickens, ducks, geese. And I get them their greens and grains, and fill up their water. Give the dinner-ducks their grains.

And everyone is happy, busy munching and nibbling. I refill each bucket with it’s allotted scoops, top them off with water, and then do a quick survey of the garden and water where needed.

It only takes me about 30 minutes. It’s nice to start the day in the garden, it’s nice to give our little animals their treats and eats at the start to the day.

After that, I get ready for work and give Rupert his breakfast.
If I have time, I might read for awhile with a cup of tea. And if I don’t, I just skedattle along with my day.


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