2015: Garden Schemes

I am always trying to learn to do less. It doesn’t always work.
But I am trying again this year.

We have a little indoor set-up that is looking pretty good this year. So I am going to take advantage of it to start many herbs that I previously never tried to grow, or grow from seed: summer savory, thyme, valerian, lovage, lemongrass, parsley.

Also some flowers: hollyhock, lupine, lavender.

What I am most excited about is melons and winter squash.
They are both plants I rarely have room for—until now! With the reduction of the flock, we can rationalize reducing the flock-yard as well. Which suddenly opens up just about the best place in the yard for vines: an ultra-rich swath of soil.

Things will look like this (kind of):


post-it note planning

Beyond that, my goals are to be more successful with amaranth, pak choi, orach, green beans, celeriac, leeks, cucumbers, and basil. And I will work with the pepper and tomato seeds I already have, nix parsnips, downsize the rat-tailed radishes.

I also ordered sweet potato slips and seed potatoes. Which is the opposite of doing less. But I am hoping I can put some shiny garbage cans to good use.

This week I’ll be starting the first of my seeds!
Leeks, Celeriac, Kale, Eggplant, and some Herbs.


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