Down the rabbit hole.

Oh the rabbits. What a journey.

It’s taken us a year now to get the rabbit situation sorted out. We butchered two of the original 4 received and gave one away. We bought a buck and a doe last spring. And this winter, another buck and a doe. Over this whole time, we lost two sweet bunnies, one in the summer and one this winter—both of our does. And the buck and doe we bought in the winter turned out to be a buck and a buck.

So, it’s been a real rabbit sausage fest around here.

Our bucks are all so sweet, that it is very tempting to keep them all. But, reason is winning in this set-up and I have been spending the last few weeks trying to sell two of the bucks and one doe I picked up that was just too small for our purposes.

It’s been a few weeks, and only recently have been moving some bunnies.
Wheelin’ and dealin’ in bunnies!

Today I picked up our new doe! She’s big, she’s beautiful, and she’s proven!
I think we are on the right path.



*Update: Sigh. Today before posting, one of our bucks (up for sale) was found dead. So very sad about these sweet creatures. Digestive problems perhaps? I am used to chickens and ducks dying easily, I wasn’t quite ready for it with rabbits.


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