Solo ‘Steading

This is the second summer that my other-half is working out of town.

Now, I’m the type of gal that enjoys some time alone – so in a lot of ways it’s an enjoyable change of pace. But when you have a dog, 4 cats, 9 chickens, 8 ducks, and 21(!) rabbits – not to mention a whole house and garden – its some work.

So in the mornings, I wake up, start some water for coffee and hop in the shower. After that I start the french press and clean up the kitchen, the dishes, and the living room while I listen to a podcast. Make breakfast and lunch for the day.

Then I head outside!

The nursing mama rabbits are first priority – top off their water, their food, make sure they have hay. Then I head back and toss the chickens and ducks a scoop of feed, and let myself into the chicken yard to top off the ducklings food.

At least once a week I try and drain the duck pond and refill.
Twice a week I try and bring in the eggs to be washed and dated.

Once I am back there, I check on the rest of the rabbits – that they have enough food and water to keep them until I’m home later.

At least once during the week, I put the sprinklers on in the front yard and in the garden. Today I did that and let the ducks and chickens run around for about an hour while I finished getting ready for work and drinking coffee.

During the day, Rupert’s chilling out back. First, he’s a dog! Second, it keeps him off my couch. Third, I don’t have my new screen/doggy door installed yet.

When I get home from work, it’s a lot of the same – the nursing rabbits go through their food and water very quickly and need it refilled twice a day, easily.

Tonight I’ll work in the garden for awhile, which will produce a few treats for all the critters and might give the birds another chance to roam. Tonight I might let the ducklings loose – it would be nice to combine the flock, but I worry a little.

It’s a lot of work but without it, animals suffer! (And it’s always nice to get a break Friday, Saturday and Sunday when my other half is in town!)


The June Garden

Sunday I spent a couple of hours in the garden.

Harvested some chamomile and cleared out an area to plant more lettuce and radishes. Took a few moments to weave the tomato branches back into their cages. Trimmed the lower leaves on the kale, cabbage, and sunflowers to let some light in. Everything is luscious and big and I’m just trying to keep up.

The animals always enjoy my efforts, everyone got lots of kale and cabbage treats. With the sprinkler running, I can let the chickens and ducks out to roam a little. Still have to keep a close eye—those chickens will eff things up quickly.

I love the corners of the garden beds—where everything comes together.