A Slow Start

Spring started early, but seems to be moving slow.
March was an especially fickle month.

It’s a little exhausting. Set-backs right and left!

My seedlings are growing slow—some not at all. No shiso, no celeriac, no valerian, no eggplant. Wtf. I’ve planted peas 3 times now and only have 2 pea starts to show for it. Today I “caved” and bought starts at Bi-Mart. No shame!

And we had a terrible run where we lost 4 of our original 11 ducklings. We probably switched them to grains a little too early, and they weren’t getting all the vitamins they needed. It was a really exhausting day after day of one duckling wobbling around, nursing it back to health, only to have another one die. Or wobble. Or both. Everyone seems good now—so that’s good.

We also had a fun discovery that all the rabbits were male.

But it’s April now and I feel like we are getting our feet under us.
The backyard is coming together and some things are starting to grow.

Even the seeds I started a second time are doing better!

And I am having a randomly fortunate day of selling rabbits. (Easter much?)
Next week we will have a new doe, and have only 1 buck left to sell.

Anyways—off to the backyard to make good of the rest of the evening.


It’s been summer for awhile.

It’s been a hot summer. Two weeks now, if not more, of 100+ weather.
For awhile it felt like a full-days task to make sure the gardens and animals were all taken care of. And I’ll admit there were some casualties. In the garden.

My 3rd garden project is so overgrown with grass I don’t know what to do. I need to go and trim, but when? Or weed, but when? An elbow injury isn’t helping either.

Most of the sunflowers keeled over.
But we have enough that we still have goldfinches every morning and evening.

The geese ate the blueberries.
But the herbs are all alive, even one basil the chickens never found.

The tomatoes are doing fantastic and my late-late planted zucchini are blooming,
and the strawberries are producing again! WIN!

And everything that died has now made room for a fall garden.
So this week I will plant some broccoli, beans, cabbage, kohlrabi…