‘Maters and other matters.

Excited for my selection of tomatoes this year.

  • Pantano Romanesco
  • Juanne Flamme
  • Green Zebra
  • Black Prince
  • San Marzano
  • Sungold
  • Black Cherry
  • Blue Berries

The last three are cherry tomatoes, I like to have three kinds on hand in different colors, which are easy to slice in half and create a beautiful tomato salad in a matter of minutes. I like a paste tomato for drying, canning, or saucing.

And beyond that, I like colorful, medium-sized tomatoes. The larger ones are impressive and beautiful, but I’ve never found them to be prolific—and prolific is my bread and butter baby. The pantano is new to me and the biggest of the lot.

Eggplant-wise, I bought one of each from one of our local CSAs: Purple Long, Rosita, Falcon. Eggplants are more the mister’s bag.

From the things I started early spring, I am continually happy with the Saxa Radish (just 21 days), the stir-fry mix I planted, and the orach that self-seeded.

Now just waiting to see if the cucumbers sprout, or if I’ll need to pick something up. Because massive amounts of cucumbers are on my agenda this year.


A Slow Start

Spring started early, but seems to be moving slow.
March was an especially fickle month.

It’s a little exhausting. Set-backs right and left!

My seedlings are growing slow—some not at all. No shiso, no celeriac, no valerian, no eggplant. Wtf. I’ve planted peas 3 times now and only have 2 pea starts to show for it. Today I “caved” and bought starts at Bi-Mart. No shame!

And we had a terrible run where we lost 4 of our original 11 ducklings. We probably switched them to grains a little too early, and they weren’t getting all the vitamins they needed. It was a really exhausting day after day of one duckling wobbling around, nursing it back to health, only to have another one die. Or wobble. Or both. Everyone seems good now—so that’s good.

We also had a fun discovery that all the rabbits were male.

But it’s April now and I feel like we are getting our feet under us.
The backyard is coming together and some things are starting to grow.

Even the seeds I started a second time are doing better!

And I am having a randomly fortunate day of selling rabbits. (Easter much?)
Next week we will have a new doe, and have only 1 buck left to sell.

Anyways—off to the backyard to make good of the rest of the evening.