2019 Seed Schemes

Oh February.
When the gardener can begin to think about spring – if she so chooses.

It’s been nice to take a break but I am equally excited to start the 2019 season.
So much so—happy birthday to me—I’ve ordered my seeds for the year.


Going pole beans all the way this year!



Growing from seed this year (gulp)


Aiming for smaller-sized lettuce to harvest as full heads

  • Little gem
  • Tennis ball
  • Bronze Mignonette

New & Different


  • Tendersweet Snap


  • Pink Slipper
  • Rat-tailed Radish


Had squash bugs in 2016 and 2017, took a break in 2018


Fall Garden Reflections

It’s been a very interesting year, although one of my very best in the garden.

What’s been strangely different is that a lot of my efforts have simply been cutting things back and away as they get too big and overcrowd things. Just last night I did another round of sunflower culling (I prop the stalks up elsewhere so the birds can finish cleaning them.) But honestly it’s worked out great, I’ve had very little weeding to do and as I make space other plants grow and thrive.

(Just realized I said that in August too. Guess it’s true.)

The green beans actually came back a couple of times, although I didn’t put them to very good use. And my second round of peas are struggling, but I continue to water them and watch them.

Goals for next year?

  • Grow more flowers and slightly less vegetables.
  • Give up on the broccoli, seriously.
  • Cut back on the peppers – just a little.
  • Maybe I only need one giant tarragon plant? But I definitely need some friggin’ parsley.
  • Add more eggplants.
  • Grow half as many tomatoes, even though it’s difficult for my spirit.
  • Keep the sunflowers on the fence-line.
  • And I might just build a big trellis for beans.