Baby Bunnies!

Born May 15th, they are now 4 weeks old and incredibly cute.

One mama had 3 black kits and 4 white kits.
One mama had 4 black kits, 2 white kits, and 2 grey kits (one light, one dark).
And our original mama had a false pregnancy – I think we’ll retire her.

(It was neat – I correctly guessed that the one mama had 8 kits because they were growing just a little slower than the nest of 7 kits. But they’re all doing great.)


The June Garden

Sunday I spent a couple of hours in the garden.

Harvested some chamomile and cleared out an area to plant more lettuce and radishes. Took a few moments to weave the tomato branches back into their cages. Trimmed the lower leaves on the kale, cabbage, and sunflowers to let some light in. Everything is luscious and big and I’m just trying to keep up.

The animals always enjoy my efforts, everyone got lots of kale and cabbage treats. With the sprinkler running, I can let the chickens and ducks out to roam a little. Still have to keep a close eye—those chickens will eff things up quickly.

I love the corners of the garden beds—where everything comes together.