Experiments in Feed. Pt. 1

We have a lot of critters these days.

I’ve spend a good amount of time thinking about how we can the feed more affordable, more efficient. We live in an farm community, it has to be possible.

There are all sorts of websites about making your own chicken/duck feed. Most of them were way too complicated for me. All 1, 2, 3, of these websites have recipes with no fewer than 10 ingredients. I’m sorry, I am not buying quinoa or kelp for my birds. The closest I got to simple was this page. It’s something.

When we picked up the baby buns, the girl gave me a small bag of oats and tricale to feed them. What? It turns out, that before rabbit pellets existed—the majority of rabbit feed was oats. If the bunnies could eat the same mix as the birds, it felt a little more possible to feed more efficiently. The best example I found about feeding rabbits, was this rabbitry.

So with all that in mind, I went and talked to my local feed store.

In the end, we started out with a mix of 50# whole oats + 50# wheat + 10# sunflower seeds. And 50# whole corn, for the dinner-ducks only.

I mixed the above mixture in with the alfalfa pellets we still had for the rabbits. We may continue this mix, or switch to hay. We can buy a bale of something (clover, other) from the feed store. We’ll see.

And for the birds, we soak a large scoop of the mix for each set of birds (chicken+ducks, and dinner ducks). Dinner ducks we add a small scoop of corn. This all soaks overnight in two buckets—then we drain and feed them.

And with the garden going, everyone is getting lots of weeds and bolted greens.

Everyone seems happy.

I have some research to do, to cut costs further. And to source some lentils or field peas. Just calls to make, figures to sort. (Can we store a literal ton of wheat?)