Hot Buns: An Update

This year we upped our game for the rabbits.

We’ve really enjoyed having the cages just outside the kitchen windows. It’s incredibly helpful to be able to see how they are doing at a glance, and always a great reminder every time we’re at the kitchen sink.

Just before we left on vacation, we built a patio mister and installed it above the hutches. I have it on a garden timer to run once or twice a day for about 90 minutes. Depending on the weather and my agenda, I adjust when it will run, how often or how long. General rule: Over 100 and I’ll run in 2x a day, otherwise 1x.

This weekend we could really see just how hot they were getting, and added a couple of sunshades above the hutches as well. Picked up couple of free tarps from Harbor Freight (the best coupon they offer), installed some hooks above, looped the tarp eyelets on and stapled the other end to the fence.

The difference in the temperature was almost immediate!
Really pleased with such an affordable, easy, available solution.


Baby Bunnies!

Born May 15th, they are now 4 weeks old and incredibly cute.

One mama had 3 black kits and 4 white kits.
One mama had 4 black kits, 2 white kits, and 2 grey kits (one light, one dark).
And our original mama had a false pregnancy – I think we’ll retire her.

(It was neat – I correctly guessed that the one mama had 8 kits because they were growing just a little slower than the nest of 7 kits. But they’re all doing great.)