Introductions: Kitty

Kitty Hawk translates to Kitten of Hawks, at least when it comes to what’s available via WordPress.

In my youth, I was garden-conscious and a ridiculously picky eater.

Flash-foward 25 years. I’ve been growing vegetables in one way or another for 10 years, I’ve been raising chickens for 5 and my palate has developed considerably.

Fun facts:

  • I didn’t try a fresh tomato until I was 13.
  • I didn’t try a pear until I was in college.
  • I didn’t like beans (any kind except canned green beans) until I was 20.
  • I never had an interest in raising chickens but was warmed to the idea by a friend.

Now, I’m 30. I can like a madman. I want a farm.

I want it so bad, that I might go mad with all the thinking I do about it. So, to save myself from that fate, I’ll write and scheme on this blog. Maybe it will be entertaining, maybe I’ll learn something from it all.


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