Mini’Stead: The Garden Map

Here’s the plan.
LOOK! I even have one bed totally open. No idea what I will plant there.

This year, a farmer friend offered me some space. So I’ll be growing my cabbages, winter squash, dry beans, melons and corn out there. It’s amazing not-surprising how much space this frees up! And I am very excited to try my hand at dry beans and corn this year.


I draw these all the time. I draw easily a dozen, or more, each season. Looking at companion planting recommendations, remembering everything I want to grow, considering the unique characteristics of each bed (light, space).

This past weekend I planted the allium bed and the pea bed—and the potatoes. Threw down some poppy, flax, borage, and bee’s friend seeds too. This coming weekend I’ll get the bok choi bed planted, compost around the blueberries and finish cleaning up the yard.