In January I vacationed for a stretch in Portland, Ore. I spent my college years and a little more there, but that was over five years ago. It’s a different place. The same place it was and yet not. I am not (gasp) a fan of the series Portlandia—maybe because even without the clever skits, Portland has become a caricature of itself.

That said. It’s got its good points. The normal amenities of a city (Target, IKEA, Trader Joe’s) paired with the indulgences of a locavore and epicurean epicenter, and the added touch of my old stomping grounds.

I’m digressing. The story is: I’m in Portland, at Powell’s. wandering through the Agriculture section. And I’m there, looking at books about raising animals and I’m trying to figure out which one. I’m drawn to the ones that you know have been put together for hipster noobs—they have nice fonts and the kind of designs you see in letterpress cards and on Swiss Miss blog. More often than not, they’re fluff. A one-time read. Not a resource.

So for now, I’m still trying to sort out what is worth my money. I’m reading through my various homesteading books to see if any touch on animals and collecting tips, tricks and ideas along the way. I’ll provide some book reports as I make progress. Get excited!

In the meantime, any must-haves you have to share?