Staying Safe, The Conundrum

I’ve never shot a gun. I think I’ve only held one once.
The attraction to try comes and goes. I want. Then I get nervous.

Either way. This beautiful dream farm of mine needs some heat.

Traditional choice: Dogs.

My dog is a lot of things, but not a Livestock Guard Dog. Rupert v Squirrel – Win. Rupert v Raccoon – Draw. Rupert v Coyote – Big Loss. Big, heart-wrenching loss.


I totally believe in the power of LGDs. But I don’t think I am there yet. Dogs cost more money, either for the breed or the bills or what you feed them. Maybe after a stretch, maybe after some tragedy, it’ll be more worth it.

If a llama happened to fall into our lap, I’d put it to work. I hear they’ll straight-up kill a coyote. So, in lieu of a dog, a llama is probably a pretty good option for keeping my goats safe. But dog > llama in the all-around enjoyment measure. So, the jury’s out.

For the time being. I’ve got a great idea. Stay tuned.