Pigs & Websites: A follow-up

Penelope Trunk writes a blog. It’s often about careers, life, relationships, gender roles. Sometimes it’s about her. And she happens to live on a farm. I like her blog. She has a unique point of view, and she is unapologetic about it. I think it’s healthy to read things that challenge what you think, and even more importantly, how you want the world to work.

(Because how you think the world works is in part, how you ‘want’ it to work.)

Last week she wrote about pigs.

He puts the mom pig on a pasture, like a free-range cow, and the mom builds a nest and has her pigs and takes care of them. Some days last summer he couldn’t find one of the moms. But the moms are completely capable of managing their piglets and raising them without farmer confinement.”

Bingo. That is exactly what I would do. A large, fenced, pastured area with some shady trees and intrigue, and let the pigs be pigs for the spring and summer. I love that their are “commercial” farmers out there trying new (old) things.